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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Leaks During President Biden’s Visit

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  • Images of the Ford F-150 Lightning have leaked out as part of President Biden’s visit to Michigan.
  • It looks much like the gas truck but with a few key differences that make it look more futuristic.
  • The full truck will be revealed tomorrow, May 19, on Ford’s website.

    Ford’s new F-150 Lightning has appeared ahead of its official debut as part of President Biden’s visit to the Ford Rouge electric-vehicle facility in Michigan. The new electric pickup is visible behind Biden alongside the gas F-150 and several historic Ford pickup trucks.

    The Lightning appears to have the same body as the standard F-150 but its headlights and wheels are different. It’s a crew-cab model which means it’s likely to offer the shorter 5.5-foot bed offered on the F-150. Other photos posted on Twitter show its six-spoke wheels are likely to be exclusive to the Lightning.

    More on the Lightning

    We’re expecting the F-150 Lightning to come standard with two electric motors providing all-wheel-drive capability. Ford has claimed it will be more powerful and quicker than any of the gas-powered F-150 models. It will have a large battery pack that should provide at least 300 miles of range. A video from Ford’s proving grounds shows Biden driving a prototype version of the Lightning and mentioning a 60 mph acceleration time in the 4.3 to 4.4 second range.

    More details are coming tomorrow, May 19, as part of Ford’s official debut of the Lightning on its YouTube channel.

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