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Where Do You See Yourself as a Driver in Five Years?

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The world has changed in many different and unexpected ways since the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020. And there have been many prognostications about how all this change will affect cars and driving.

People will definitely want to escape cities, some news stories proclaimed, and they will have to buy cars. People will be working from home, said others, so they won’t need to drive as much, so they’ll buy fewer cars. At first it seemed like the lack of commuting time for a lot of people put a major dent in the podcasting industry. But then came reports that podcast listeners were back.

Rather than listen to analysts and industry watchers, we’re going right to the source to find out how the world has changed. We’re conducting a survey and we’d love to hear directly from you—the most passionate car folks we know. We want to know what you are seeing and what you’re thinking. About your daily driver. About the next vehicle you may buy or lease. About the options automakers are offering, and how you use them.

It’s a super simple survey that should take about 10 minutes to finish. No one question is required, but we’d love to know as much about you and your thoughts as you’re willing to share.

We’ll close the survey in two weeks, and we’ll publish the most interesting findings in our September issue. If you’re interested in lending us your experience and perspective, click the link below. And please feel free to share it with friends.

Take the Survey

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